Litigating and taking cases to trial can be a lengthy and complicated process. Whether on an evidentiary issue, a legal argument, or otherwise, an appeal to a higher court is available when it is believed a lower court has made an error or mistake at trial. Since its founding four decades ago, Taylor, Day Grimm & Boyd has protected its clients’ interests during the appellate process. In State and Federal courts, we have pursued appeals on behalf of our clients to rectify judicial errors as well as defended trial judgments favorable to our client when an opponent appeals.

Our extensive trial experience gives us a deep understanding to persuade appeals courts when possible, both in preparing appellate briefs and making an effective oral argument in State and Federal appeal courts. We are well-recognized as strong writers and polished presenters who make compelling arguments through written briefs as well as well as oral arguments when appearing in front of the appellate panel.

Guiding Clients through the Appellate Process

When we are involved directly in the litigation at the trial court level, our appellate lawyers work to guide the litigation to prevent errors or mistakes detrimental to our clients. We make sure the records preserve the issues for appeal throughout the litigation and trial. When the case has been tried to a favorable verdict and we are retained to defend the judgment, we have particular experience showing that either no error or mistake was made or that the issue does not warrant a different result.

Just as often, when a trial results in a judgment adverse to our client, we are then retained to argue that the erroneous verdict was caused by a reversible error. Whether as the Appellant or Appellee, we meticulously review the record to support our clients’ positions and prepare the best appellate presentation available under the circumstance of the particular case. In all cases, we thoroughly explain the options and potential outcomes to our clients. Costs of appeals can be substantial.  All possible outcomes are examined and thoroughly reviewed with our clients so that they may make a well-informed decision to pursue a course of action.

Handling Appeals in a Wide Array of Civil Matters

Our civil appeals team can assist you, your company, or an insured client with a civil appeal. Our appellate practice is broad, but most frequently we find ourselves handling appeals in the following types of matters:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Bad faith insurance claims
  • Commercial and business litigation claims
  • Construction defects
  • Extra-contractual liability claims
  • Failure to defend claims
  • Insurance claims

Discuss Your Case with Our Appellate Team

If you have questions about the appeals process or are in need of skilled appellate counsel in connection with a civil case, the attorneys at Taylor Day can help. The court imposes tight deadlines on filing appeals, therefore it is important to consult our team as early as possible so we can analyze your case and take action before any deadlines expire.

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