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Tara N. “Nikki” Poole


Tara “Nikki” Poole has been an associate with the firm since she was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2002. In more than a decade of service at the firm, she has become an important part of the team and history at Taylor, Day, Grimm & Boyd.

Her work involves defense of claims filed under the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. Nikki has a keen understanding of policies and a knack for locating the specific research to prove her point (right down to the exact sentence). An overwhelming number of legal cases are settled out of court, but this approach is only acceptable under the best terms. Nikki isn’t one to back down.

On weekends, she enjoys local sporting events with her husband and two daughters. And, while Florida State football is a big deal in the Poole household, so are dance recitals and tea parties. It’s all about balance.

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