Taylor Day’s Pro Bono Representation Results In Client Win In Federal Court

Commitment to pro bono representation and community service is one of Taylor Day’s core values. Attorneys, Job Fickett and Justice Elvish recently represented a pro bono client in a criminal matter in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, assisting her with obtaining an early termination of her probation sentence.

Taylor Day’s client, G.L., was a victim of human trafficking who got pulled into the federal criminal justice system as part of a prostitution sting operation conducted by the FBI and Department of Justice in 2016. G.L. faced numerous federal human trafficking charges with sentencing guidelines that exceeded 10 years in prison. G.L. pled guilty to lesser-included offenses and agreed to assist the government with its investigation.

Chief Judge Timothy Corrigan, recognizing that G.L. was primarily a victim of her abusers and was forced into prostitution by a sequence of horrifying circumstances, and acknowledging her admission of guilt and assistance to the DOJ, sentenced G.L. to 5 years of probation and other diversionary programs, including the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center (DBWPC) and local human trafficking survivor organization, Rethreaded.

G.L.—ever-appreciative of the non-incarceration sentence—successfully completed a sober living program, reconciled with her family, and eventually became an advocate for other victims of human trafficking through the DBWPC. Her commitment to helping other women and girls avoid the same circumstances that led to G.L.’s arrest is inspirational and has become her life’s work.

Taylor Day Law co-founder, John C. Taylor, Jr., a former board member of the DBPWC, was familiar with G.L.’s story and spearheaded the project to attempt to obtain an early termination of her sentence. Attorneys Fickett and Elvish filed a Motion for Early Termination, which was opposed by the government. At the hearing, Chief Judge Corrigan was highly complementary of the written motion, the oral argument, and most importantly, G.L.’s complete dedication to assisting other victims of trafficking.

Acknowledging G.L.’s exceptional behavior and worthy advocacy, Chief Judge Corrigan granted the Motion, terminating G.L.’s sentence almost seven months early. This early termination enables G.L. to travel outside of the Middle District of Florida without restrictions, allowing her to reach even more victims in times of crisis, including transporting them to safety. It will also allow her to attend upcoming trainings and symposia where she will further advance her advocacy career.

Taylor Day Law is proud of its commitment to serving those in need throughout Northeast Florida and beyond. Whether through pro bono representation, volunteering, or monetary contributions to deserving local organizations, Taylor Day remains a pillar of the Jacksonville legal community.

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