Personal Injury Protection Benefits

Defending Insurers in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Claims

Taylor, Day, Grimm & Boyd has a vast experience of defending insurers in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Medical Payments (MPC) coverage claims. Our highly respected team of attorneys are known for their ability to deliver strategic and aggressive representation to nationwide automobile insurance companies involved in PIP litigation. Our lawyers combine deep legal knowledge with an extensive understanding of the insurance industry to help clients successfully resolve PIP and MPC claims in the quickest and most economical manner possible.

PIP claims are generally brought by medical providers via an Assignment of Benefits from the insured individual. These cases typically involve a dispute over the medical necessity of the treatment, the relatedness of the treatment to the accident or the reasonableness of the medical bills. We handle coverage disputes and assist our clients in interpreting policies and the application of Florida Statute Section 627.736.

Investigating PIP Claims

At Taylor Day Law, we pride ourselves on being attentive to the needs of our clients and partnering with them at every stage of the claims process. We undertake a diligent and thorough pre-suit discovery and fact investigation, keeping our clients fully apprised of our findings throughout the course of our investigation. Our attorneys gather and evaluate all of the evidence in the case and perform examinations under oath (EOU) of claimants and witnesses. We also scrupulously analyze PIP cases to uncover potential insurance fraud or misrepresentation on the part of the insured. Our lawyers are well aware that PIP claims may involve fraudulent claims and misrepresentations, and we work with our clients to identify and address suspicious automobile accident cases.

While our firm works to negotiate and resolve PIP claims outside of the courtroom, we aggressively litigate claims at the trial and appellate levels when a settlement is unachievable. Our attorneys are well-known and respected by judges and lawyers throughout the legal community, and we are proud of our accomplished litigators who know how to build and present a case before a judge or jury. The lawyers in our practice work closely with our insurer clients throughout the course of all proceedings to develop powerful litigation strategies. We understand the difficult challenges that insurers face in connection with PIP claims and work with our clients to bring these cases to a successful conclusion.

Cutting-Edge Knowledge of PIP Claims

The legal team in our PIP practice is uniquely qualified to advise and defend insurers in connection with PIP claims. The team is led by Shareholder, David Gagnon, who has 20+ years of experience in automobile liability cases with a primary focus on PIP claims. A Florida Continuing Education Instructor, David routinely provides CE courses for client adjusters both in the State of Florida, or who process claims in Florida.  He is a member of the Florida Defense Lawyers Association, Insurance Coverage Committee and previously served as a Personal Injury/PIP Law Section Chair for the Jacksonville Bar Association. David has also spoken on PIP-related topics in various forums for clients and professional trade organizations.

Our PIP practice group appreciates that the law in this area is constantly evolving. We carefully monitor legal developments so that we remain apprised of the latest discoveries and rulings. Our legal team shares this information with our insurance industry clients so that they are fully aware of changes in the law that may impact their business operations.

Discuss Your Case with Our Experienced Legal Team

If you have questions concerning a PIP or MCP coverage claim, we invite you to schedule a consultation with the lawyers in our Personal Injury Protection practice by calling (904) 356-0700.

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