Transportation & Trucking

The attorneys at Taylor, Day, Grimm & Boyd have decades of experience handling complex trucking and transportation disputes that arise in the industry. That includes any truck accident lawsuit or truck accident claim. We assist clients throughout the state of Florida and across the nation, including carriers, shippers, and brokers. 

Representing Clients in a Diverse Range of Transportation Claims

Our lawyers handle the full spectrum of legal issues for clients in the trucking and transportation industry:

  • Cargo losses and damage claims for goods in transit
  • The Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA)
  • Any truck accident lawsuit or truck accident claim
  • International air shipments governed by the Warsaw Convention
  • Interstate shipments governed by the Carmack Amendment

Your Transportation & Truck Accident Lawsuit Team

The lawyers in our transportation and trucking practice have a deep understanding of the trucking and transportation industry. We are familiar with the products and services our clients offer as well as the complex laws and legal issues that impact day-to-day and long-term business operations. 

We appreciate the difficult pressures and demands our clients face and are committed to doing whatever it takes to help them bring their matter to a successful conclusion.

Resolving Complex Transportation Claim Disputes

Our Strategic Approach

Our lawyers understand that business problems and legal disputes, such as claims for lost and damaged cargo, can lead to significant costs and exposure for companies in the transportation and trucking industry. 

When issues and conflicts arise, we focus on finding the right resolutions for our clients. Through a personalized and focused approach, we develop case plans and strategies that best suit our clients’ important goals and objectives.

Skilled Negotiations

In some situations, settling a dispute outside of the litigation process is the best way to achieve a client’s desired outcome. Litigation can be expensive and highly disruptive to business operations. Whenever it is in our client’s best interests, we attempt to avoid lengthy formal proceedings by negotiating and working with opposing parties to reach a fair resolution of the matter.

Experienced Litigation

When a resolution is not feasible or litigation better serves our clients’ business goals, our lawyers are well-prepared to take the matter to trial. We are seasoned litigators who vigorously fight to protect our client’s rights and interests at every step in the legal process. 

Contact Our Transportation and Truck Accident Lawsuit & Claims Team

Taylor Day Law offers a team of highly experienced lawyers dedicated to finding the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for our clients. To learn more about our transportation and truck accident claim services or to schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team, please contact our Jacksonville, Florida office at (904) 356-0700.

We assist in high-level urgent & complex matters while resolving problems before they harm the business.

To learn more, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our experienced litigation attorneys. Call our Jacksonville, Florida office.

Our Transportation & TruckingLegal Team