Auto Insurance Defense

At Taylor, Day, Grim & Boyd, you will be matched with a dedicated auto insurance defense attorney to protect your interests. Explore how our expert team navigates the legal landscape to provide comprehensive support for auto-related cases.

Your Insurance Defense Attorney Team

The Taylor Day insurance defense attorney team has extensive experience representing automobile insurance companies and their insureds against insurance claims, bad faith allegations, and first and third-party filings. Our firm has been retained by some of the nation’s largest auto insurance companies to represent them pre-suit, in litigation, arbitration, settlement negotiations, administrative hearings, and appeals.

First and Third-Party Insurance Claims

At Taylor Day, our auto defense attorneys defend the rights of the insurers and their agents to ensure a fair and just outcome in coverage disputes and unfair claim practices allegations.

We handle all matters your auto insurance company might encounter, including:

  • Pre-suit investigations, financial affidavits, and EUOs
  • Bad faith allegations related to denial or delay of a claim decision
  • Collection on judgments, including filing liens
  • Contractual matters related to coverage terms and limits
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) defense claims
  • Property damages to automobiles or other property
  • Subrogation to recover amounts paid on a claim from a policyholder
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists claims

Through our preemptive approach, we ensure your company remains in compliance with Florida’s auto insurance laws to avoid disputes and the resulting costly litigation. When disputes arise, we act quickly and decisively to protect your interests.

Defense of Insureds

A plaintiff may take legal action to hold a driver or the driver’s employer liable for damages that exceed the amount of insurance coverage, especially when a serious accident occurs. Trucking companies and other corporate entities are particularly vulnerable to lawsuits because of the common perception that the corporation has the financial resources to pay on a judgment.

When we defend drivers and corporations in auto accident lawsuits, our team conducts a thorough investigation of the claims and suits. From the moment the accident occurs, an experienced litigator personally manages the case, working to ensure the evidence is meticulously collected and developing strategies focused on mitigating damages.

Auto Accident Settlement, Arbitration, and Trial

Most auto accident claims are settled outside of court. Our lawyers negotiate equitable terms of settlement that comply with Florida statutes and protect our clients’ interests.

Before taking a claim to arbitration or trial, we calculate anticipated costs and time, in addition to considering the potential for setting an unfavorable precedent. We advise clients of all options.

The legal team at Taylor Day strives to be well-respected by judges and lawyers alike. Throughout our four decades of practice in the Jacksonville area, we have developed strong community connections along with an extensive knowledge of the judiciary system. We take pride in the exceptional reputation we have established based on our superior legal skills, professionalism, and commitment to our clients.

Consult With Our Auto Insurance Defense Team

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We assist in high-level urgent & complex matters while resolving problems before they harm the business.

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