Casualty & Tort

Providing Guidance and Advocacy in Tort Claims

Taylor, Day, Grimm & Boyd is an insurance defense and business litigation law firm that represents businesses and insurance companies in the state of Florida against tort claims. We handle the full spectrum of torts claims, including personal injury, premises liability, homeowners, property, automobile accident injuries, negligent security, and commercial torts.

Full-Service Insurance Defense

Our legal team guides clients through all stages of disputed matters, such as:

  • Bad faith allegations regarding delayed or denied claims
  • Inflated or uncovered claims filed by policyholders
  • Investigation of fraud and misrepresentation
  • Representation at arbitration and in litigation
  • Strategic settlement negotiations
  • Subrogation to recover payments from an at-fault party
  • Terms of policy contract disputes involving coverage terms and limits
  • Third-party claims filed against policyholders and the company

Premises Liability

A person who is injured on your company’s premises may look to the property owner and its insurance company to pay medical bills, lost wages, and other damages, regardless of who is to blame for the injury. Our attorneys have experience handling almost every type of premises liability insurance matter for a variety of businesses, including amusement parks, waterparks, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, sporting arenas, retail stores, schools, and offices. We regularly defend against slips, trips and falls, negligent security, hazardous construction, falling objects, drowning, electrocution, and other types of complex claims for damages.

Our lawyers investigate the claim and consult with top experts to help us reconstruct what happened and limit exposure to our clients. We calculate the potential value of the claim and strategically negotiate an equitable settlement when warranted by the facts and circumstances. If the plaintiff refuses to settle for the true value of his or her claim, we aggressively fight the claim in court. Our firm recognizes that every client has unique concerns and objectives and we work with them to develop the best approach for their business.

Personal Injury Claims

The legal team at Taylor Day offers a wealth of experience defending businesses directly, as well as by means of their insurance carriers, against the seemingly endless array of personal injury lawsuits. We are a skilled group of insurance defense attorneys focused on servicing our clients in the most efficient and economical manner possible.

Homeowners Claims

The attorneys at our firm regularly represent homeowners’ insurance carriers in a broad range of insurance claims ranging from water, fire and wind damage to theft and vandalism. We are actively involved at all stages of the case from the initial claim investigation to settlement negotiations to litigating the matter in court including appeals.

Negligent Security Claims

Negligent security claims can have catastrophic impacts on a business. Our lawyers work with businesses and their insurance carriers to determine the right courses of action to defend against these potentially high-impact claims. We thoroughly investigate each claim to determine the potential risks and exposure for our clients in order to defend the claim for clients’ best interests.

Consult with Our Dedicated Insurance Defense Team

The team at Taylor Day delivers experienced legal counsel to insurance companies throughout Florida. Contact our Jacksonville law office at (904) 356-0700 to schedule an appointment with our insurance defense lawyers.

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